How do you get to know a girl beyond friendship?

Especially when you meet a new woman? How do you aim for more than friendship?


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  • Smell nice, look attractive, smile, have an outgoing, friendly personality and be rude to no one:)
    Also, to flirt with her and avoid being friendzoned use physical contact such as gong straight in for the tight (but quick) hug, touching her hand slightly, playing with her hair etc ...
    If you want any more info then message me on GAG
    Roma x

    • How do you flirt. I'm really not good at it.

    • I've literally told you a lot in the second half of my answer.
      As well as this you can give her compliments (although not too many!) and ask her about her relationships (ie if she's single) but not immediately as it would come off too forward. Message me if you need any more help.
      Roma x

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  • Let it be known your interested in more than just her damn friendship


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