Did I scare him away? Or is he in the closet?

So I met this guy 2months ago when I was on vacation, he sent me a message on this dating site that I was thinking of deleting. Well when I got back, we went on a few dates(well 3 so far). On the second date I went over his place to watch a movie, he started caressing me. I asked him why, he told me he didn't mean anything by it, that he did find me attractive but was not ready for sex. Well before the third date, I have to admit I started being a little naughty...texting him about sex and he was playing along...well the third date comes along we talked about having sex together...he told me he was not ready for a serious relationship, but was down for the sex. that's cool with me, because I just got out of a relationship too...the date went very well...the next day we were supposed to hang out, and I asked him if he wanted to have sex...he agreed...but then backed out...saying he didn't feel comfortable with meeting a girl 3x and then having sex, that I was so nice & had a great personality but when it comes to texting I'm a different person. He asked me what I wanted him to do "put on a condom, have sex and nothing else?" ouch...then he went on to say that he just was not used to be offered sex by a girl 'so fast & simple..makes it hard to believe whether there's nothing wrong or he's just lucky"...well I told him we could hang out w/out having sex...he turned me down saying "i need to make up my mind, I don't know what I want & I'm not used to that". I asked him if he wanted us to stop talking, but he didn't answer. It's been...48hrs. What is his problem? what did I do wrong?


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  • A lot of guys will jump all over the opportunity.

    The guy was for it, but backed out last minute. Seems he's hiding something, maybe he's insecure.

    • That's so weird because he's a really good looking guy and he seems pretty confident...what should I do? I still haven't heard from him and I don't want to push myself on him.

    • I think you should wait a few more days then maybe try to message him again. If you get no reply, then he, more than likely doesn't want to talk to you anymore.

      And its not really that weird if a good looking person is insecure. A lot of overconfidence can be a sign of insecurity. They are trying to potray this cocky character to hide their insecurities.

      Mostly this happens if you are ugly as a kid or fat then become a good looking adult. They might always see that ugly fat kid.

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