I love eating hamburgers?

How do you know if your in love? What are some things you feel? I have a crush I don't know if I love or like him. I expressed my feelings to him but, he doesn't feel the same. It's hard to get over him. Everytime he walks by me my heart beats fast and I feel like I'll puke. I kinda watch him a lot. (In school, if he's in the halls or at lunch) I'm also hallucinating A LOT that I see him. Like, a few times (some not even at school) I'll see a guy that guy looks like him when it's not. I had other school crushes but, this one affected me hard. I cry a lot over him. I know its not worth it and I should move on but, its hard, Im trying though. Do I love him or I just like him?

By the way, I do love eating hamburgers. :)
I put that as the title to attract people attention lol


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  • That's good to know...
    I guess
    hmm :/ ?

    As for the non hamburgers part, I doubt you love him if you are not in a relationship. I know people say love at first sight, but I think the more accurate term is like at first sight. Love at fifth sight maybe. But considering you get nervous around him, your heart beats fast, and you see him where he isn't, you definitely like him

    And maybe you liking him will turn to love if the liking turns into anything, but I don't think you love him at this point in time


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  • Sorry it's unrequited, but I'm curious. What did you tell him your feelings were? Since you're not sure if it's like or love?

    When you expressed them what did you say?

    • I basically said I liked him and what I liked about him and how long I liked him.

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  • Are you like wimpy?

    http s://www. YouTube. com/watch? v=h9JD6W1PU-s

  • Don't you dare try to ask Hamburger out she's mine

    • Nu uh, I saw her first!

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    • That trader! Fine. 😒

    • Sorry not sorry

  • Be careful. You might get fat


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  • If you question whether you love him or not, it means you just like him, When you love someone, you 'll just know. The best way to get over him, is to stop watching him, hang out with your friends and keep yourself occupied with other things

  • I love eating hamburgers too! lol :D


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