Do you think I friendzoned a guy that is perfect boyfriend material?

So last year an ongoing i seen this guy around. He's very sweet, flirty, always smiling at me ,told me he liked me, when he asked for my number, he called a lot.

Whenever i see him he says do i have a bf, when me an him were first talking by phone he was so sweet an keen i thought it was.clingy but now i realise a proper boyfriend should want to talk often.

I dated idiots an pushed him even when he knew i was dating. He was like when you don't want him.come back to me. But i did.think it's silly saying it but shows how much he likes me.

He would sometimes say oh hows your bf or oh i got nice girl now to.tease me but it was to get a reaction. As far as i know he's single.

I do fancy him, he makes an feel cared for. Guess i don't know if it's love though.


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  • If your actually I to him. Yeah. He sounds ok. Not the typical complaint friend-zoned dude who goes off he deep end the mi ute a girl rejects him.

    But be honest with yourself about if you actually like him. Do you like him because he was nice to you? Because that's not enough tto stand on. You have to be attracted to him, both physically and his personality. If you really are, than go for it. But if you have to force it, than dont


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  • The ball is in your court. If you like him then ask him out. You are past the point of playing coy. Next time you talk tell him that you wanna go see a movie/show/coffee and that you'd love it if he came. While on the date up the flirt and if you enjoyed yourself you can tell him how you feel afterward

    • Yeah maybe, not sure if i like him or i just want a bf an know he will be good to me but don't want to mislead him. As he used to say things like please ring me after we already spoke a bit on the phone.

  • Well do not push him aside anymore, make him front and center. Nobody ever knows if it is love for sure until they actually start dating and being together so do it!

  • If you like him, ask him out. He's made it clear how he feels about you, and it sounds like thus far you've turned him down, whether by words or actions, so the ball's in your court. He probably won't make a move if you don't.

    • I just had few guys i liked so was confused for a while. But no guy has treated me like him

  • Yes he is material

    • Yeah lol. Guess i am one of those girls who goes for douches an passes by the nice dudes :/

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    • I think you are afraid of dating him and losing him thats why you keeping him alive by not dating him
      make sense?

    • Not afraid of losing him no..

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