Does it mean she's interested and is waiting for me to express my feelings for her?

she's made me sure that she's into me, and I've been giving hints too, but yesterday she said she's curious about what my feelings are for her and she pointed out things I've told her and things I've done part of me being into her. And she said she really wants to know what I feel for her, what I feel while I'm with her, and she wants to hear all about my feelings. I think we're both shy though.


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  • You want it to be more obvious? Duh she's is into you if she wants you to express how u feel about her.

    • Something like that came to me and I asked myself: would she do that as a friend or really because she's into me

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    • Just think to yourself what do u feel for hers, write it down. Then figure out of the things tou wrote down, which ones do you want to let her know about.

    • I wonder how long it will take/how easy

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  • Sounds like it

    • Ooooh that's good to hear from someone isn't part of the feelings because they say when you're into someone, your not as accurate

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