Sister is lying about dating.

My sister is 15 and dating and 18. My dad forbade her and now she says she's meeting a friend every time she goes to see him. I personally think my dad is blowing this out of proportion. I think the only think that there still together after 3 months is because he said that she can't see him what is Ur opinion?


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  • She is growing up and dad doesn't want to lose that.

    She is a grown woman capable of making her own decisions - though she will pay for the poor outcome of those decisions.

    • I think it also has to do with her being the baby of the family because I'm 16 and I'm dating a 19 year old guy...she always bring up that it is the same age gap.

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    • Dammmnnn - I would have never hit that one. You are young for a child but I am impressed at the maturity and responsibility (looking after your sister and still taking care of a child + adding on a relationship)

      My hats off to you =)

    • A 15 year old is a grown woman? Haha, I sure wasn't. I thought I knew everything, then I got older and realized how clueless I was back then, and how much I still need to learn now. Lots of girls have that realization when they get older.

      But I agree that some lessons have to be learned firsthand; you can watch out for someone, but you can't make them see things for what they are.

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  • You have to look at it from your dad's point of view. It might seem like he is being controlling, and on some level he probably is, but he is trying to protect his daughter. He was 18 once and knows what guys that age are like. Especially if your sister is 15...even I know that a lot of 18 year old guys see 15 year old girls as easy prey.