How does he feel about this relationship?

So basically we've been dating for almost 3 months and has been quite intense. When we first got together he was casually seeing someone else but it became exclusive about 5 weeks into it.

Since we got together we have spent every weekend together and maybe 2 weekday nights a week for the last couple of weeks. When we are together it is really intense, we have amazing sex and both have said we have a connection, want this to be longterm etc.

The only downside to this relationship is that I feel like I'm at his disposal. I know everyone gets tired but occasionally he rainchecks our hangout and sleepovers because he's too tired or has work to do. I just know that this rainchecks excuse was what he used when he was still seeing this other girl. Also he sometimes takes ages or doesn't reply to my texts (I'm not a serial texted either).

I don't want to seem like a psycho but I think being tired isn't an excuse to not want to hang out. Like why would he pass up sex and it's not like I want to stay up until a crazy hour - I have work too. Am I being over the top with my insecurities?


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  • Sometimes I can clearly imagine being too tired to want to meet with ANYONE.

  • basically why don'tt you believe him when he says he's tired?


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