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well I've been "dating" a guy that I met online. I stopped getting on that sight because I met him. I love him...well I think I love him. We have been talking for 3 months and we haven't met or been on dates so I don't technically count it as dating. But anyways I feel like we could be something but when I take a step back and think I'm like im not sure if I want this...I'm afraid he too good for me. He's intelligent and funny and cute and so so sweet. My parents are divorced and I've lived with my single mother my whole life and over this summer I'll be moving to my dads and he's been re married for about 15 years. And my dad is completely different from my dad..my mom doesn't support me in getting a job or a vehicle, my dad does. Anyways I've been feeling like I should just tell this guy I'm talking to that all I want is to be friends...I'm about to turn 16 and he just turned 19. I don't know if there's something wrong with me or what...he's the best guy in the world and he compleatly understands me. I don't want to lose him and I also get super jealous of is bestfriend because its a girl and he says they don't talk much anymore but I snooped through older post on Facebook and it drives me crazy...it makes me cry knowing how they use to talk...i feel like he talks to other girls but I trust him. I don't know...and if your going to be rude then please don't comment. And sorry if it's hard to understand the situation, feel free to ask about it tho.
Something would be very helpful here...


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  • i think just stick it out with him. if you feel really strongly about him, it may be worth it in the long run. online dating and long distance relationships can be tough. especially at your age. you just gotta stay strong. you can't break on him. if you trust him, you trust him. thats that. you seem to have strong feelings for him and you say he's a great guy, so why would you want to lose that? he can't be "too good for you". you should be happy that someone as nice as that is into you! hold onto him, you never know where this can go.

    • Thank you😊 and thank you for not being judgmental on age by the way your cat is super cute 😻😄

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    • Yea... lol it's okay tho 😝

    • hahaha thank you

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