Am I being friend zoned?

Before spring break, this guy and I were almost dating. We cuddled, kissed, and hung out a lot. We would usually go to my room between classes and cuddle on my bed. During class we would touch our legs together and occasionally rub the other's leg. We would go to lunch together everyday and we would hug and kiss each other goodbye.

Since we got back from break, things have been different. We still spend a lot of time together, but he hasn't wanted to hang out in my room alone. We have been hanging out in the public lounge.
We still touch our legs together, but not as much. We still go to lunch together, and we still hug goodbye, but today we were at the end of the street where we usually say goodbye and we hugged. He started to walk away but turned back to look at me so I did a come here hand motion and he chuckled shook his head and walked away.
I don't know what is happening with us. Does he just want to be friends now? I am really concerned about this because I really like him.


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