Really confused by a girl. What to do?

I was interested in a girl. She was 17, and I was 19. I had to pursue her a lot. She is 9/10 on looks. We went on a date, we both connected really well. Gave her a hug at the end, and she said she had a great time and would like to do this again.

After that i really messed up. I told her friend while I was drunk how special this girl was for me just after one date. And she started to see me as an really easy catch. Some days later she saw me really drunk on a party, and she got turned off.

We never made it to the second date, but still texted each other, flirted and kept in touch. A month later, on Valentine's I sent her a text saying that I was really glad I met a girl like her, and was looking forward to build on this. She ignored my text, and we had a discussion where she said she was too young for a relationship, but wanted us to be friend and keep in touch, and maybe something could happen in the future.

2 months later I sent her a video while I was singing, on her birthday. She totally melted, and started to flirt with me and wanted to meet me. She played really hard to get, and we didn't see each other 2 months later. I was so confused, because she didn't want to call it a date, and she was giving me mixed signals. It just got weird between us on the second date, and nothing really happened.

Then she started to ignore my texts, and a week later she told me we were better off as friends. Her friends told me she liked someone else now. She insisted on being friends. I said okay, but started to back off. 2-3 months later she is contacting me everyday, but just on friendly basis. It was too much for me, i cut her out of my life without telling her why.

3 months later, she contacts me and wanted to know why i deleted her from my life. We meet up, and had a very good conv, cleared up misunderstandings. She said lets be friends again. She is dating the other guy, and she really likes him.

Why is she acting like this? What does she want?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She's playing you , by that I mean she just wants the convenience of having someone she used to talk to around whenever she likes. When she's bugged.. she'll ignore you but then feels flirtatious.. I say cut her off. And this is from a girls perspective because I'm guilty of this in the past. I would flirt then say be friends then go back and we'll you get the idea. How wrong of me to have done that with someone but in my case it went both ways. So she's acting this way because she just wants conversation


What Guys Said 1

  • First off she's 17 she's full of head games. Second she's back burnering you. So what if you told her friend that you really like her. Who cares if she saw you really drunk at a party. It's just a lame ass excuse for her to do what she wants while you dangle on a hook. Quit looking down at 17 yr olds that will get your ass put in jail and look up to woman about 21-24 years old. one she can get alcohol two she will fuck your brains out and three of you're not the only she will be more likely to be straight up about it and that my friend will grant you freedom

    • You are right. She is full of games. But time has passed, and she is turning 19 soon, and I am 21 soon. I have been banging other chicks since then, but I just can't get this girl out of my head. And she knows that. I don't understand why she keeps coming back to my life, when she clearly is more interested in pursuing this other guy, but still wants to keep in touch with me without really anything happening between us. It´s like she enjoys torturing me, and coming back and telling med you can´t have this...

    • Bro do you wanna fuck her? Call her out to her face on her shit then. Tell her you're over her and you don't want anything to do with her. And you haven't in a long time. If she doesn't fuck you right there she will later that day especially after she realizes she can't have you. And if she doesn't then you are free of her forever but I can pretty much promise you she will. I still recommend older women. Good luck

    • Thanks for the tip bro! I'll do that, and see what happens.

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