Is it possible that im an unlikable person and thats why im forever single?

Okay so yeh here is the question. I do have lots of friends and we get along very well (at least i assume so O.o) and i shall say that im not bad looking in general (i wouldn't say i m a hot babe either), and im not socially awkward. But despite of having lots of friends and at least half of them are male, there aren't anyone that are interested in me and I've been single for my entire life.
Although there have been guys that showed interest, but their interests faded away soon.
And I've found that when guys say they aren't really interested in getting into a relationship, its simply mean they dont wannt get into a relationship with YOU. So I've seen several guys who didn't seen like they want a relationship when we kinda had a thing and about half year or a year later they ended up getting into relationshiop with another girl.
So i just want to know what are somethings that give guys signals of "this is girl is not okay" beside the obvious turn offs (ex. bad personal hygine, dumb af, ugly, fake, etc)? Be specific please :)


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  • That's hard to tell without knowing more about your personality and your previous relationships.
    Guys like girls who have the same interests and who are interested in thier hobbies and so on. Maybe you haven't been interesting enough for them on the long run.
    Or maybe you tend to be the overly attached girlfriend type.
    But it could have been/can be many, many other reasons too. It's really hard to know without further information.

    But once you've figured out what the problem was I will be easier to find someone. Trust me, I had similar issues.

    • yeh okay. I have never been in any relationships but I've had things with people before. I should say in general im a quite lay back person. The opposite from overly attached (i've never been in committed relationship so there is no points of asking someone to be there for me all the time right?) I dont really text them first but when we do have conversation i do try to keep the convo flow and i lll initiate if i feel like the convo die down. And mostly i do have something we like in common so we talk fine.
      one thing i should say is that i kinda have short temper and like to be passive aggressive. But learned from my past experience, I've changed a lot so i should say im more easy going now.
      What are some traits that guys will find interesting in the long run instead of just having some fun in the short run?

    • Listen to what Simplyaclassic said. She gave you pretty good advises.
      Keep in mind, that for a good realtionship equal commitment is nessessary. Don't make him do everything and don't do everything yourself. The both of you have to be engaged equally and be open for compromises.
      And in the case to play the hard-to-get game, don't overdo it. I know some girls like to be chased and guys like to chase, but at somepoint most will give up.

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  • Ignore the whole guys don't like to feel inferior thing it's true but wrong. Men like to have sex with dumb girls however unless a relationship men live a girl that challenges them but not in a belittling way. That makes them want to be better. Your 19 at that age men are simple & want an easy girl they haven't muture all the way. I had the dance issues growing up but all the guys that I have dated in my life loved me & treated me great were super hot smart & weren't broke I will admit at first glance people be like what how did you get that... I'm not ugly just average highly opinionated very smart & a tomboy. My suggestion to you is be true to yourself smile a lot be happy & not crazy shy. Fine fun ways to flirt. Guys might think that your out of their league. My favorite trick is to be outgoing & a little flirty then when they flirt back or say something nice look down smile then look back up still smiling act like your trying not to smile then slightly bite your bottom lip. It let's the gut know you can challenge him & go toe to toe with him but that he makes you shy i. e he is the man.

    • yeh i know. But i think my problem is the long term issue. It seems like i can always get attention from the guys im interested in. Like they will ask my # when we first met and always start convo with me in the beginning. So i think i m okay with the initial flirting stage. But the thing is after a while, guys tend to fade away or just not really considering me a gf material. So i was just wondering how should a girl act or what kind of attitude/behavior should a girl have after a good start to be able to secure the guy in the long run?

    • Me I keep things fun... like stupid bets or challenges... sometimes I let them win... If it's something I know I'm awesome at or play something then do something I suck at (then pout about losing but not in a sore loser way) don't be overly clingy guys hate that shoot if you have a life girls hate that... Which brings me to the fact when you get the dude keep you time & girlfriend time it's better for the relationship trust... keep in mind your standards & that people aren't perfect... so things you feel are important & he screws up check him hold him accountable other things just let slide. Depending on your personality when you are in social groups talk him up but not obviously never fight/argue in public or social media... find out what he likes & have him teach you about it... Even if you already know let him do in anyway... don't stop flirting every now again... And cook & or bake something for him every now again... Do special things for him like you want a guy to do for you.

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  • It may be standards, I know that's true for me, I know if she is a 7-8.5/10 and she is interested but initiates no chase whatsoever then I will feel like there's nothing to work for and just let her slip into side chick mode. Its an elegant dance when it comes to chasing a girl but don't kill the guys too much chase and he'll give up too. If that's not it, it could be too many male friends for me if I see a decent amount of dudes around a chick then there's a much less chance of approach.

    • Good point here. But do guys stop chasing if they find the girl really out of their league? I'm not saying that im hot af but just wondering if that might be the case. Like he think you aren't chase behind him and not showing enough sign that you are super interested and he thinks you are kinda pretty, so he will just stop chasing and make you the side chick. Is that a guy's thing? Cuz sometimes i feel like they are attracted by me but have no intention of having a relationship. So i dont know if they put me into the "fuckable but not datable" type or the "outta ma league can't handle" type.

  • Hard to tell personality could have something to do with it. But again it's hard to tell.


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  • Men don't like to feel inferior!. SO! if you even HINT that you have a functioning brain in your skull... they will slink away with their dicks tucked between their legs ;)

    • so are you saying men like dumb girls?

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    • Depends on the type of guy I guess. Intelligent guys like intelligent girls, at least when they are looking for something serious.

    • i kinda agree with the Mártainn guy here. Almost all the guys I've met (friends and flings) feel turned off if the girl is straight dumb. They seem to favor the girls that are independent and intelligent...

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