Do guys feels intimidated sometimes by their intellectual and successfull girlfriends or wives?


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  • As long as she doesn't treat me like a little kid, thinking she's better than me, it's all fine, well, I wouldn't be married to someone that treats me like that.
    I think intelligence in a woman is a great trait, and if she's more intelligent than me, that's cool, I don't have to be intimidated by that, I like it. And she's more successful that's even better, it means she's an ambitious woman, and hey, I scored her, that makes me the most successful man in the planet.


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  • Men who are intimidated or unattractive to those types of women don't marry them or make them into girlfriends. If you are asking in general , I personally don't care, but nothing makes me want to ditch a girl quicker than one with an ego and thinks she a leg up.

    • Being intellectual and successful, and being proud of those things, does mean a woman 'has an ego'.

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    • Maybe i miss understood your point then, my bad ! I appreciate the honesty though

    • My point is that each person in the relationship is going to be better at certain things and it doesn't matter, as long as no one is making the other person feel dumber, or less important.

  • If the dude has a job that he truly likes then I don't think it'll matter if his wife makes more. I have this one friend who I find pretty attractive and she's done better than me on only one test but I felt really jealous because of it. I didn't resent them I was just upset by myself. However, her being one of the smarter people in my class class has made me really attracted to her. I enjoy attraction but I would feel a little bitter if they were better at what I do than I am.


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