The Psychology Of Dating A Beautiful Woman?

Men. There comes a time in our lives when we finally find that one woman who satisfies us phsyically, emotionally, and intimately. Well, that time has come. Whether she is a solid ten or a good eight, the psychology behind dating a woman comes with it's ups and downs.

In the beginning, I didn't pay much attention to it, but I've started to notice other men checking out my lady, hitting on her, even whisteling and waving at her, sometimes right in front of me and more so than usual. I find it really disrespectful and it makes me feel uncomfortable.

I want to know from some of the more senior members who have experience dating tens: How do you men go about holding your ground? How do you maintain that confidence and not allow what others do or say get deep under your skin?

Jealousy is a killer and I have never been or will be that guy, but I want to know how you other guys out there hold yourselfs up high no matter what?



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  • I'm not a guy, but I may be able to help. I've been in a long-term relationship for almost a year, and I get hit on or asked out at least once a week by other men. And I'm never tempted--not even minutely--to talk to them longer than is necessary to drop the boyfriend bomb and shake hands.
    If you're with a woman who is a 10 not only physically but intellectually and emotionally, she's not looking elsewhere while in a committed relationship to you. Personally, I'm just not attracted to other men. I may objectively find them attractive, but I have no desire to engage with them any more than I would a general acquaintance.
    Rest assured, your girlfriend is with YOU, and she'll stay with you unless there's something wrong with her. The thing people always forget is that cheating is not about the one who is being cheated on but rather about the cheater, who is not emotionally ready for a committed relationship. If this girl is all you say she is, there is nothing for you to worry about. If she's never given you reason to doubt her loyalty, then give her some credit.
    If something really bothers you, talk to her about it. But if she tells you nothing is going on, believe her, or you'll sabotage the relationship.


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  • Firstly i have to defeat those other men in my mind. What makes us uncomfortable isn't the advances of other men but the feeling that they might succeed. In my mind i have to believe that i satisfy my girl just as she satisfies me and those uncouth wolves that whistle at her will never compare to me.

    Of course it hurts twice as much when one of them actually succeeds, those damnable barbarians. :D

  • Dude, why do you have to be jealous? You're the one with the girl, they should be the jealous ones. I would just hold tight my girl and kiss her, showing her I show her more respect that those that catcall her, proving her she made the right decision by being with me.

  • Telling yourself that of all the guys in the world she choice you means a lot.

  • I've never had a girlfriend so I don't know for sure how I'd react. I don't think I'd be jealous exactly maybe just annoyed. To me it's not really about how many men hit on her, that's out of our control. It's about how SHE reacts to these men hitting on her. If she's firm with them and makes it clear that she's spoken for then all is good. However if she acts really friendly and flirts back then I'd have a problem.

    As long as she doesn't show interest back there's no problem, if anything it could be a turn on to know all these other men wanted my girlfriend but she's choosing to be with me.


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