It will be our third date if it happens. I need some advice?

I asked her if we can go out again. Here's our conversation. Me: Can we meet again? She: When? My vacation is near. Me: On first Saturday of April, are you available? She: I don't know, I'll update you. Me. Okay, how about you? What day do you prefer? I till don't know. Me: Okay okay. -end of conversation- She's thinking twice and I should give it a time but guys what are your thoughts? Any advices?


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  • She's politely delaying giving you a confirmation, it sounds like she doesn't want to meet again.

    • Was it?

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    • Our first date it went good and on the second she's a bit excited and wants to see again. And after 3 days she said"Are you courting me? Because it's been a month since I broke up with my ex and I don't want to make you wait for something that isn't certain. I still need time to fix myself. So I don't think liking me now is a good idea. Courting me now is even worse. And you don't want to become a rebound right? So can you please give me some time to think first? My decisions are very clouded at the moment."

      I replied "Okay, I understand if that's what you want."

      She replied, "sorry."

    • She doesn't want to commit to anything or confirm a date, so if you want a relationship, she isn't the girl for you.

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  • I answered this question already, didn't I? You're pushing her for confirmation when she doesn't know her upcoming schedule. Back off.

    • I'm not pushing her lol.

    • "... are you available?" She says no. You then respond "Okay. How about you? What day do you prefer?"

      She just told you that she doesn't know her schedule and you're asking her the same question in a different manner.

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  • She at the very least doesn't sound that keen to be honest. A keen girl probably won't say I'll update you. How did your 2nd date go?

    • It went simple and good.

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    • I'll try text her later.

    • I'll try to*

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