Need help after 2 dates?

I met this girl just after several texts on Viber, she told me that we can meet but maximum for 1 hour.

We met and went to a cafe and the conversation was just perfect and funny, the 1 hour passed so quickly and i asked her the 1 passed you should go home, she said OK, while just walking to the car she told me we can sit a little bit more if you have time and sure i needed this, we went to another place very romantic and quite on the mountain facing the sea, the conversation was just flowing by itself.

Second day i traveled to another city for a 20 days vacation, all this time we were texting and talking almost everyday, i got her some gifts and i dont know why, but i found myself buying her things, when i was shopping for myself i shared with her and let her pick things for me. i showed her 2-3 things for her and she liked so much and i bought them for her.
I returned to the same city again and met her on same day i arrived, she seemed more comfortable around me as if we know each other for a long time, and truly i felt myself more than perfect.

There are somethings that i need a someone to tell me what does those mean:

1. After first time we met, she text me "It was pleasure meeting you, thank you for the good night"
2. She started to mention me on photos on instagram.
3. She constantly hit my arm, lean on me, while walking beside each other i felt she is coming more near to me until i accidentally touched her arms.
4. On the second time we met, while talking she asked me "you will see me tomorrow"
5. My phone was ringing and it was a girl and her photo appeared, she asked me who is she, when i answered the phone she looked as if she is angry or jealous "Not Sure"
6. One time i text her "I like you", she replied immediately "I like you too"
7. She said when i feel i like someone, i feel afraid and want to run away because of old experience.

I dont know where im standing now, what should i do when i meet her again, what should we talk about next


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  • Well first let me say congratulations on the date i am proud of you buddy.
    However lets answer those questions:

    1.) you struck a home run dude :P
    I mean i don't mean to brag but you need to pat yourself on the back, well done. Maybe she was just trying to sound formal and not overly head over heels happy

    2.) well maybe she is liking sharing things with you. Instagram has funny pictures and short cool videos that are hillarous maybe she wants to share that with you.

    3.) kinda didn't get the question maybe she likes playing with you like how girls like shooving guys when they say something adorably sweet.

    4.) she is getting clingie, the good kind. She likes bieng around you, you are always on her mind. She just likes you for you.

    5.) out of your good luck you hit a strike. Girls don't like hearing that, now she gonna question you. She is jealous, she likes you. Seeing another girl kinda makes her think "whats she got i don't " or "is he lying to me..." "is he flirting with other girls?" you know etc.

    6.) she didn't want to play games she showing her cards, she has feeling for you. NO jokes, no hints just laying it out that those are her true feelings.

    And last but not lleast

    7.) thought that was obviously, she been hurt. Loads of girls have she doesn't want to be jerked around she wants a man to be there with her and not break her heart. Could you blame her for feeling that way though, show her you meant how you feel.

    I hop i helped haha ^^

    • Yesterday i gave her some of the gifts i got for her, she wear it and posted a picture and mentioned me "thank you so much, i like it", Also changed her profile pic. on viber with the new dress i got her, i text her "you look beautiful", in morning she replied with a blushed emotion and told me some stuff about her work, i just replied as normal and told her i will pick you up today so let me know when, she immidiately replied "Sureeeeeeeee".

      Now im really scared because i feel myself like her so much, actually i had this feelings just from the first sight, but yesterday we were sitting in-front of each other "First Time" and i looked in her eyes and i just felt WOW, this scares me really, i don't want to ruin this, i feel i want her, but don't know really what should i do today, what should talk about, should i ask questions? like what?

      just 1 thing i need to understand, why she never asked me any question?

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  • When you are on a date, don't answer your phone when some other girl calls. You can call her back later. You shouldn't be on your phone at all really. She has insecurities and as long as they stay little then no worries, but if she starts to ask who is that all the time, and not trust you, be ready for a long talk. Everything else is pointing to she is really into you. Good luck!

  • you so lucky!!! she's like you for sure. she just feel bit scared. she don't want feel hurt for 2nd time.


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