Guys, please help a girl out?

I don't have a lot experience with men it terms of relationships. I am generally more comfortable formulating a friendship before thinking about them in a relationship light. That being said, I have made the conscious effort to be more open and put myself out there and start a relationship.

I recently met a paraplegic...We sort of hit it off and decided to meet. The first time we met, I was really nervous a) because it was a spontaneous decision (and I am the least spontaneous person) and b) he wanted to meet at night and wanted to stay in his car due to his condition. Despite my nervousness I thought the date went well until he dropped me off and told me it was a date, at this point I reverted to my usual nervous nerdy behaviour and I said "props?"!

I tried to communicate with him after our meet but he hasn't been that responsive through texts....I suggested we meet again a few days after and we met again...Again he wanted to meet later at night and stay in his car. Despite a few ditzy moments on my part, i thought I was less nervy. I told him i might get nervous and say stupid things because I like talking to him. I have him a hug good by at the end of the second date.

Since then he is not very communicative. I have tried reaching out a few times. I have allowed some time in-between my texts so I am not hounding him. I asked if he wanted to meet over a weekend as I will be in his area. He responded to another part of the text and ignored the meet request.

It could be that he is not interested because he thinks we won't be compatible after we met. Or it could be that he got weirded out with me trying to initiate conversations or my mixed signals. I really like this guy and I am not sure how to proceed. Is he interested? Should I tell him I am interested or just move on?


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  • I think you should tell him about your feelings...
    And just don't be so nervous. Usually guys don't want girls to be nervous because of them, instead act how you usually do with your other guy friends..

    • I just don't want to come across desperate. I have really put myself out there with this guy. I am not even sure if he is interested, you know?

    • I don't know how to know if he's interested in you or not but...
      ask him if he has a gf or not, if he's not interested in you he'll probably say he already has one even though he doesn't have... and even if he was saying the truth you can't get a guy who is already other's

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