Does it sound like this guy is trying to impress me?

So I met this guy, who's 10 years older than me. I'm about to turn 24 in a couple of days. The guy is very successful as he's got a PhD from a renowned university and has his own company.

He asked to meet up on Sunday so that we could get to know each other more on. He told me we are going to this fancy restaurant and for drinks.

Does it sound like he's trying to impress me? I'm feeling kind of nervous at the moment because he's waaay out of my league but trying to keep calm lol


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  • I would not call it impressing you but more trying to bring you into his life. If he has a PHD and owns his own business a nice resaurant is the norm not really special.

    Open your mind dress nice and feel good that someone want to treat you nice, or would you prefer a guy who is into a barn and a six pack of beer?

    • No, of course not :) I'm already excited about seeing him and I like the fact, that he's planned everything out nicely.

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  • Seem's like he's showing you that you'd be better with him.


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  • Uh, yes. Guys are always trying to impress girls they like and show what a great guy they are. Taking you out for a nice dinner and drinks is giving you a taster of what you could have if you decide to be with him.

    • Thanks for your input :) I definitely think you are right!

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