Why does he text me and then when I reply he doesn't text back?

A guy I have recently started seeing sometimes texts me and when I reply doesn't text back, then the following day I always wake to a good morning text. What's with that?


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  • He is probably trying to not seem "too" interested.

    Texting games are nonsense, but they are now a part of a modern relationship. If a guy seems too interested, they think a girl would get "weirded" or "creeped" out, because that is now the norm. If he doesn't text enough, he is trying to play a game where he makes you think he is interested, but not too interested - essentially trying to string you along like he doesn't need you, making you want him more. If a guy just flat-out dissapears, he is not playing a game, he just isn't interested.

    It sucks, but its reality. Guys are more worried about the manner and efficiency of text message responses because girls are more likely to read into what they say and how fast they respond too far, and misinterpret the meaning. A text is a text, nothing more nothing less, dont read into it.


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  • Nothing more to say.


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  • Short attention span. Maybe ADHD.

  • its called bait lol I've done this before


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