How can I make it work when I really want it to but my brain says otherwise? PLEASE HELP?

So I've been dating this guy for almost 2 months and he's the definition of perfect. But lately I've been just a little annoyed with him and it's completely not his fault. I was thinking about breaking it off but then we had a long talk that made me realize how dumb I would be to just throw away such a nice nice guy. I told him we're gunna take it slower cause I really truly want to get to know him better and forget the reason I had doubts in the first place. How do I regane those feelings back and not be so subborn about everything? I have doubts in my head with every guy I date and I'm sick of that getting in the way of my relationships (scared)


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  • The guy sounds like a douche, let me take you out for a drink only if you live in the Denver area. I just think you are really cute.


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  • Well just remind yourself that you'll likely lose this person if you keep being stubborn or insecure because at some point they might have enough and walk away. Everyone has their limits. So just tell yourself this whenever you are feeling off and hopefully it will motivate you to feel better and more positive.


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