First kiss was a little weird. What do you people think?

Yeah I went on a date with this girl and at the end we were about to kiss and I thought "well its a first kiss so I think I should just go with a simple peck" and I had my mouth closed and she had hers opened a little bit and it just felt like she kinda sucked the top of my lip when we kissed. When I think about it I guess I should've just had my mouth open too. Is that normal though?


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  • Don't worry about it. I actually like having my lip sucked. A lot of people do that on purpose.

    FIrst kisses are often awkward. I would laugh it off. It's a great excuse to try again.

    • Thanks. Yeah maybe next time I'll kinda do the same thing hahahaha cause it seems like she wants me to do that.

    • The secret is, act confident no matter what happens. Acting confident means making her think you wanted it to happen. In other words, don't apologize, don't back off. When kissing, almost anything goes. If she doesn't like it, then she can start kissing you in a different way to change things up.

  • First kises are always awkward. Lmao


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