Girls, why does she want to talk to him?

She has this friend from where she use to live and she and him fight all the tine, he is a complete wanker, he has a kid, a fiance and lives in another country yet he still talks to my fiance and says he wants to move over here and take her away with him. He flirts with her all the time and she has told me its something they have always done, I've got mad with her when she has flirted back and this has nearly torn us apart due to the fights over her talking to him cause of how he makes her feel, he talks to her like she's dirt, belittles her and flirts with her and she still responds while telling me she loves me and not him and that he is just a friend.
Is there anything I can say or do to try and end this situation or at least lessen the situation without losing her as I do love her so much and want to walk down the isle with her, I can see a future with her.
Or is it something I have to live with until one day it gets worse and it ends up either breaking us up and/or losing her to him.
I know I probably won't like the answers but you can be as harsh as you want and tell me to get over it or something but its driven me to the point where I'm wanting to get a plane ticket over to see him and teach him to pull his head in.


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  • She is so dumb if she is in a relationship with you and still flirting with him. I say you give her either two options stop talking to him or you leave her ass. You deserve better and if she can't respect you don't like her flirting with him she is disrespectful.


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