Girls, iam I good enough?

it sucks all I get are the females that wants to jus be frens. or females only talk to me win they need money. or they only call or text win her and the bf are having probs. or they say im not ready to settle down and a week latter there dating another guy. im sure some of y'all females are just like that. my question is why. why do y'all do them things but not wana be in a relationship with that guy. or is he the freind only type?


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  • Really this means you are closer to a love connection than most other guys... that you envy that care getting these "impulse buyer" lust connections... like bees on blossoms.
    I guess you could work on changing yourself through training, education, sports, social connections BUT really you don't have to DO a thing... except WHEN the right gal comes along, The One, you damn make sure SHE knows how much you care and willing to fall in love with a little cooperation.
    Bonus: you will also do very well in any business that caters to gals and their confidences (so long as The One is not the jealous type &/or can always be near enough to "be sure" of you): pastor, architect, car sales/repairs, masseuse, chiropractor, marriage counselor, hair stylist, waiter, women's shoes, bartender... get the idea?


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