Guys, weird date idea?

So im a sport shooter and knife collector. In my spare time i like going to this extravagant outletshop, that has all these kinds of weapons (knives, airsoft) and vintage army stuff.
I was thinking of taking this guy that im cray cray about there, and show him around. I know he likes this kind of things too, but im scared he might think im a crazy b, or a tomboy (yet not in a good way :p). He knows i like this stuff, but i dont know about it tho..What would you guys think?


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  • Go for it. I bet you'll Both have lots of fun

  • It depends what date this is. If this is your first or second date I would advise not taking him to this place. It might weird him out. But if it is your third or fourth date it might mix things up a bit. Plus, this is something you are interested in and I think it will be good for you to share that with him. But timing is important. You don't want to scare him off. If a girl took me there on our first date, I'd be wierded out, I'm not going to lie. But hey, if some time had passed I wouldn't mind

    • Haha yeah thats what i thiught. This would be our fourth 'date'. Well it's not a very extravagant shop, just not your typical store. Its like a big warehouse with used army items, camping stuff and also weapons. So its a unique concept. Im just not a very talkative person So i prefer this over dinner. And we already went shooting together, so :)

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    • He loves that too, but you can't hunt where i live. Anyways, thanks, appreciate it!!

    • Your welcome, hope it goes well

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