What did he mean by "trying to figure a girl out to know what to do"?

So I've been going out pretty regularly with a great guy. We know we are both interested in each other. He is such a gentleman and shows that he cares about me through little actions. The only problem is, neither one of us will talk about our feelings to each other and he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend yet. (We're still in the getting to know you phase.) Yesterday he came on campus to see me and we got a burger, walked around, and made small talk. (What we're best at) When he left, it was a casual goodbye and he walked away. (I go to a college that has strict rules against guys and girls and physical contact) When he got home, he made a comment to his mom about "and now the 'trying to figure out how girls think to know what to do' begins" (His mom told me about the comment)
What does that even mean? Is he trying to figure out how to pursue me more seriously? I was just really confused by that. He knows I like him, isn't that enough "figuring out"?


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