Does Age Matter?

Does age matter when it comes to dating someone or is it just a number as I've heard some say?


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  • Personally, I think it matters to a degree. I think very large age gaps are not conducive to a healthy relationship because there is typically a significant power differential in those types of relationships (sugar daddy/mommy and baby), but I also cannot imagine them having a whole lot in common. Like, how can a woman my age honestly have a real romantic and sexual attraction to a man my father's age? I can understand having a deep connection with a man that age, but I think perhaps some of these young ladies are misinterpreting what that connection is...


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  • Does age matter? Depends how wide the age gap is. And it is not "just a number." Because it obviously would not be acceptable to date an underage person, would it?

    • Oh I agree if it were a case like a 30 yr old trying to date 16 yr old, I'm just asking more like in the lines of like a 26 yr old guy dating a 32 yr old woman or something like that

    • The age gap you're talking about is more common than you think actually, so it's okay.

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  • It shouldn't do, there are certainly more important aspects to a relationship that I would rank of greater importance, but I also think sometimes the odds can be stacked against couples where there is a much larger age gap. Certainly when the difference is such that both parties are at different stages of life and priorities/outlook etc. are likely to clash. But really it's whatever suits both parties involved. But for me personally, I prefer a lady to be a few years older - it's just a dynamic I've found works for me.

  • I think it depends on the age gap and in which range.


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