What happens if you live with your significant other (unmarried) and you two break up?

What happens if you live with your significant other and you two are unmarried and you two break up??

Or, you two want to break up but you live together???

has this happend to anyone??


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  • Fortunately, it hasn't happened to me. I suppose women would anyway find me 'too unattractive' to date, let alone live with me!

    But I have come across this situation, and things were quite awkward between them after the break-up.

    • I only knew of one couple that did break up but they were stuck because the girl was still paying a lot of his bills. he really depended on her and they had a lease. They ended up living together for a little more than 5 years and they made it extremely difficult for each other to date someone else.

    • Yeah, it will obviously be difficult and awkward for them! So if an unmarried couple want to stay together, they need to make proper arrangements to ensure that they can live separately immediately after a breakup.

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  • Well, it depends on the couple and the situation.

    If the break-up is amicable, some couples will continue to live with each other until their lease is up or they're able to save some money so one person can move out.

    Other couples will decide that one person will move out, and may work out some sort of way to deal with rent (sometimes they will break their lease, sometimes the person who moves out will continue paying their half of the rent, sometimes the person who stays living in the home will agree to take over the lease and rent payments completely).

    Of course, if the couple OWNS a home together, that's even more complicated.

    In terms of other belongings, then hopefully the couple is able to divide their belongings in a way they both feel is fair (i. e. you keep the things you brought into the home, and then divide the items you've purchased together).

    If the couple isn't capable of working the details, being fair to each other and stuff... eh, I'm not really sure. I suppose they might get the legal system involved if they feel it's worth it.


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  • You both find somewhere new to live. Or one stays. Draw straws.


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