Guys, should I call him or text him, and how long should I wait?

Tonight I got the number of the guy I'm into. He's shy when it comes to girls, according to his friends, so I'll have to do the pursuing. I don't mind this, I just don't want to come off as clingy.

I was thinking about asking him out next week (mini question--are going to the batting cages a fun date? I like sports and he used to play baseball...) but I can't really even tell if he's into me as more than a friend. His body language is a great and directed towards me when another girl in our group isn't around. Otherwise he's shifting to show the same body language to her. He's known her longer than he's known me, but all the guys in the group we hang out with are crazy over her. She's newly single too : /.

Anyway, since I have his number I'm not sure if I should call him first or text him. And even then should I wait a week? A few days? Also, I have his number, and he claims to have mine already. He's never used it though...what should I do?!

thanks for the advice guys! I should be way braver about this than I am being currently. I'm just not used to doing this for I am shy when it comes to guys myself (shocker, I know...) Anyway, how long should I wait? No one has said anything about time


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  • OKAY!

    i believe I got your answer.

    see here what you do is you pick up your cell phone.

    next step is to press the contact button(usually located on the right soft button)

    step three you look for his name under the contacts list.

    step four you take you thumb and press the send button(this button is usually green)

    and that's my answer.

    dont be afraid to call the boy. let him know how you feel.

    what the worst that can happen? the more you talk to

    him the more comfortable he'll learn to be around you.

    dont worry bout the other girl. thinking of her

    will only create insecurity.

    need any more help just ask. ^_^

    • LMAO!!


      what are you waiting for?

      i gave you you instructions on what to do and I was expecting you to act upon reading them.

      your shy.

      hes shy.

      if some one don't step up then you two will never work out.

    • It was 4 am when I posted that!! There's no way I was going to call him then. I probably will tonight.

    • Yea. your right.

      good choice.

      good luck.

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  • my advice is to text first if he is shy. in this technological age of anti-social instant messaging and texting a call might be a little too strong at first.

    do some texting just like: "hey what's happening, how was work today, how was class?" something to that effect. if you can get a bunch of texting going he is probably interested in you. that being said some people just hate texting -figure out what your going to say and then just give him a ring, I'm sure he'd be flattered that you called him. good luck!


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  • text him every other day,thats what I do so he doesn't think I'm annoying

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