First date ideas?

Okay so this is my first boyfriend ever. So pretty much he likes me I like him and the rest is complicated but that's beside the point. I have no experience and I have no idea where we should go! So what are some ideas?


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  • cınema, amusement park etc


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  • I would say something fun and exciting. Try not to do dinner because you'll just be going back and forth and saying stuff and you might realize, 'hey this isn't a good idea,' and then be stuck. You don't was to feel those first date gitters. So, pick something that will allow you to interact, yet also put the focus on something else.

    • Like what

    • Try mini golfing/arcade, bowling, theater, music gigs, or something as simple as the park. These are easygoing and casual idea so you don't stress on dressing up

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  • Well with my boyfriend, our first date was at a gas station lol. (He's weird and it was his favorite place at the time, and they actually served breakfast there so it was kinda interesting lol)
    But now we don't normally go anywhere fancy. We'll go fishing by a lake and have our own little picnic sometimes, or we'll just go bowling or he'll just come over and we'd hang out. When we hang out I'll cook something for him or he'll try to be cute and cook something for me lol. But if you want to spend money then y'all should go bowling or do it the old fashioned way and see a movie.


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