Does it mean he takes me less seriously if he calls me "a girl"?

We are both 30 and have been dating for 8 months. We get along well and he's the laid back, blue collar type of guy who isn't very romantic but does his best to show he cares.

The other day he called me "an amazing girl" and that he's a "lucky man". Obviously I take that as a positive sign and I'm not complaining but I'm just wondering if a man calls you a "girl" instead of a "woman", does that mean anything in particular? Like, does he see me as not mature or long term potential and I'm just a girl to hang out with?


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  • it's a compliment!!! he wants you to feel younger basically...;-)


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  • He takes all women less seriously.


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  • Aren't you a girl?

    • Without getting into feminism discussions, I would say I stopped being a girl when I became an adult and would consider myself a woman rather than a child.

    • I never use the word woman, sounds stupid to me.

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