How do I tell him I want to be friends and stay friends?

This guy and I met through a progarm at work. At the time he was in a relationship but now he isn't. Him and I have been talking much more since the break up. But now it seems to me that he is flirting with me. He keeps talking about this girl he likes. At first I thought it was nothing and that it was someone else. He keeps hinting that it's me. I really think this guy and I would be good friends. I don't have feelings from him that way. He's an amzing guy but I'm just not attracted to him in a physical way. How do I stay friends with him and not lose the friendship we have?


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  • Friend Zoned!!!

    Sucks to be that guy!

    • Any advice to soften the blow?

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    • I've been friend zoned a few times, but mostly by girls that I consider to be in my friend zone too. Maybe have a good reason (s) why you don't like him that way before you have the conversation. Pinpoint your own reason why you don't see him that way before you talk with him.

      It could be that you don't think he is assertive/confident enough, or he isn't intelligent enough, maybe not athletic, maybe you don't have anything in common, or you think he's lazy, maybe he just never broke the touch barrier with you and it would feel awkward now (young American guys generally have no idea what the touch barrier is and have no idea how important it is), or whatever the real reason is you don't think of him as boyfriend material, figure that out first. You might decide that you're being irrational, or you might actually have legitimate reasons why you know it wouldn't work.

      If you have legitimate reasons, then tell them to him. If you don't, then maybe try to look past them and go on a date with him. If it's the touch thing, then I don't know, tell him to google it, or try playing twister or something lol.

    • Thanks!

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