Do you guys feel anything towards someone you're crushing over?

So straight to the point here, are we supposed to feel nervous or feel weird in a funny way when we're around someone we're crushing over or even consider liking? I ask because I talk to quite a bit of women but I don't really feel anything towards any of them. I have friends that tell me that i should try and date one or two of them. I just don't know if I should do that because I feel like I'd be playing with their emotions or even ending some friendships by making them feel awkward. What do you think people. Insights from both genders are welcome here


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  • You will just know if you want something more than friendship with them.
    You will get that "funny feeling"
    Can't describe it but I know how it feels.
    You will know when you feel it too

    • I've heard people say that. I'll know my intuition will tell me that I want relationship with someone. I just never really experienced that

    • Then thats not what you want from said people.
      Trust me. You. Will. Know.

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