Girls talk to me but having a hard time getting girls to spend time with me ?

to try and explain the problem its not that there isn't or hasn't been girls that i've talked to or meet in real life . i'm having a hard time getting them to like spend time with me or hang out in less public places . like hanging out and watching tv or going on computer . or like riding in a car together . like is a couple girls i was friends with who live near me and i've talked to them many times at pub and such but never once set foot in there place or that kind of thing . or have they been to my place either . its frustrating to know someone you've meet is that close and you haven't even been in there place to even say hi or hang out for drinks with friends . i'm not sure if its my fault or these girls just didn't want to take friendship further . but the one seemed really interested so rather cofused


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  • Maybe you come across too eager. Just a thought

    • I wonder about that as well , if they think I'm too interested in wanting to spend time with them , that one girl from town had said at one time she wanted me to drive her around and give her a ride home from town/bar some nights if she needed one but she never even been in my car yet. its like she just all of a sudden wasn't into idea

    • Yep.. Pull back and let them come to you. If they don't then they are not worth it

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  • Try different girls.


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