Honest opinion about my dating profile?

I've decided to give online dating a bit more attention, but I've had terrible luck so far (most of my messages never get a reply or they reply once and I never hear from them again). I would love to get some honest feedback and constructive criticism.


Also here are the last three messages I sent so you have an idea of what my first messages are like:

Hey! According to all of my professors you're my worse enemy (law student) 😑. I'm watching you (that sounds creepy as hell). Also, the apartment I'm living in is owned by Belle property, coincidence? I think not.

I would love to have a spaceship too! It has to have a room though where it's complety surrounded by glass so it feels like you're floating in space. Want to go halfsies?

Hey! If we both got stuck on the island from battle royale, I would protect you <3....until it was just the two of us, then.....😑. (Her favorite movie was battle royale)
So which of my pics from my profile should I use as the main one? Should I just delete that profile pic? I can't help it if I'm ugly lol.
I actually ended up getting 2 replies yesterday and they're both super hawt. The lawer didn't message me though (it's ok they have no soul anyway :P). Hopefully, it's not the last I hear from them.


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  • Well, your profile is good. It's just your messages. You shoukd start off with a Hello, introduce yourself and stuff. Then say that but, not jump at them like that. "Hey! According to all of my professors you're my worse enemy (law student) 😑. I'm watching you (that sounds creepy as hell). Also, the apartment I'm living in is owned by Belle property, coincidence? I think not." You just met them and they don't know your personality is like that. I think you should be more like that after you talk awhile. If you want to say something about her being a law student then say it in a different way and dont say Im watching you. XD I also dont think you should say that apartment thing like that randomly neither.

    • (I read your update) I personally think your profile picture you have now is good.

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    • the only reason I don't send messages like that is because I personally think they're increadibly boring, unimaginative, and so common that it will just get lost in all the other messages they get from other guys. I just want to stand out. I will try it out though, since I'm not having any luck anyway haha. Thank you for your help!

    • No problem. I'm weird so I totally understand. But, I wish you luck! You're also not that bad looking.

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  • sorry but i believe your profile pic there doesn't flattr you much basically...:-/

    • I wish I was a 10/10, wouldn't even have to write anything other than "I love bitches" and would probably get a full inbox within an hour haha

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  • Change profile picture and don't be so informative. If you put all of your info at once what would you have to talk about if a conversation sprang up. Also you should check out pof. com and meetme. com both great sites to meet new people. Also reach out to people instead of waiting for someone to contact you first.

    • No one uses those sites here. I'll try and cut some of the info back, I've been thinking it was too much too... I talk a lot lol

    • You should still give em a shot. Maybe the person who is meant for you is there in that small group, you never know! And yh i can tell lol

    • Like legit no one uses those sites, I can count the number of girls on one hand lol. That obvious huh haha

  • I really like the 1st and 3rd one. I rate you like a 7. You're not ugly lol

    • Im not a fan of okcupid but I did like answering questions on there. Lol may rejoin

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