Listing you income in an online profile a big deal?

I guess I'd say I'm a bit naive. When I created my online profile I just answered all the questions, including my income which is ~$74,000. My best friend told me I shouldn't list it because it either going to intimidate women or make me look like im bragging. I didn't really think it was that much, just enough to show I have some ambition, but he says it is and people will make assumptions about me if I list it.

Ladies, specifically when meeting people online, if you saw a guy you were interested in but then saw his income was 74k would that change anything?
  • Wouldn't change my opinion. Seems like a normal income for a decent guy.
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  • I'd be intimidated and less likey to contact him.
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  • I'd think he's arrogant or shallow and it would turn me off.
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  • I'd be more attracted. It's not amazing but still impressive.
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  • I would see it as him bragging in a way and I would feel if I contacted him that he would think I'm some gold digger.


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  • It would seem to me that he was bragging and I wouldn't contact him.

  • I would never do it.


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