Girls, does a short skinny guy, who's also quiet have a bad chance with girls?


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  • quiet guys miss a lot of chances with girls simply because they aren't as social and don't interact with girls as much. a more talkative social guy will get girls easier. its a numbers thing. if guy A only knows 5 girls and guy B knows 50 girls, obviously guy B will get a girl easier (unless guy B is really undesirable)

    • That's a good point. I don't have a whole lot of interaction with girls at all since I'm self employed. I do try to be friendly with the girls that I see regularly like the cashier at home depot. etc.

    • I signed up for a dating site that I tried out for probably 6 months and went on a couple dates. Unfortunately, the girls on their either have too many options or aren't serious at all about dating. I have to send out like 50 messages to even get a response, so I've probably sent out a couple thousand by now.

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  • Dude, it's over for you. You missed the train a long long time ago,

    Girls go for tall guys and confidence.
    You lack both of these traits.

    Never gonna happen for you.


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