In your opinion, in order of importance, what are the 3 most important things in a relationship?

Not sure why my description didn't pop up but my answer would be:
1. Communication
2. Trust
3. The ability to forgive and forget and realize everyone makes mistakes


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  • Lol pay close attention to this post but pay even closer attention to her her 3 choices. No fuck that pay attention to number

    3. "The ability to forgive and forget and realize everyone makes mistakes"

    That gives off sooo many clues right there.😆😂 chances are you've cheated and whomever your dating isn't willing to forgive you so easily, if even at all. lol I noticed you upvoted almost everyone's comments except the guy @hotstuffSRD Because his number 3 requirment was "loyalty n honesty n trust. Those are the things that should've been said by nearly everyone because what kind of relationship is beneficial without those things he's named, you can't even have friendship without loyalty and hinesty and trust. If I can't trust you and your a liar. Then your dead weight to me and I wouldn't trust you to even hang out with you cuz I mjggt get set up. Who wants a boydriend or girlfriend Thats a liar and a cheater? Not me!!!😤 lol I agree everyone mskes mistakes but those cheating shouldn't be considered a mistake... maybe if he suddenly kissed you but if you sleep with the dude you basically allowed him to take his dick out and go inside you and you didn't stop him because you were too weak to control your sexual urges. That's not a mistake, that's just a dunbasses move.😌 ofcorse if this doesn't come close to your situation than feel free to disregard... But Im banking it's dead on. 😌😏

    • A long opinion but it's true bro

    • I didn't cheat per say. I sent a picture to another guy. Regretted it immediately and told my boyfriend and apologized and he forgave me that night. 3 months ago. Also I haven't downvoted or upvoted anyone. I think that loyalty, honesty, and trust are more than important in a relationship. I just think that forgiveness is important not only for the big mistakes but little ones as well. What is a relationship if you can't forgive each other and work through things. If you truly love someone I think forgiveness comes naturally.

    • Then I apologize and disregard my assumption and message. But a relationship is also a job, and a mission. It's not all fun and games... You ladies make such a big deal about giving your numbers out to guys and strangers when your single but it's okay for guys to be texting you a lot even when you have a boyfrirend rite?😒 a lotta females use that bullshit excuse, "he's just a friend" lol you"ll never get be with that fake ass line... 😌 and there's just some things that should never be forgiven in relationships like sleeping with someone or sexual favors like blowjobs or whatever... I might beable to forgive a kiss because a kiss is a surprise attack, not many people ask, "hey can I kiss you?" Before they do it lol, It just happens.. But allowing a guy to you, or sleeping with him and. cone over your house and all that shit, lol I'd tell her it's time we see other people but we can be friends.

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  • 1. Communication
    2. some type of financial stability
    3. sex


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