Is this girl trying to set me up with her friend?

There are two girls - "Bri" and "Kat".
I met Kat at a party 4 years ago, and the last time I had any touch with her is 3 years ago.
I met Bri last month at work, and I bump into her once a week. Bri is besties with Kat.
Kat sends me a text this morning, after 3 years of no communication, asking for a catch up over a glass of wine, sollowed by "so you've met Bri I see?"
Kat is married, Bri is single.
Is Kat trying to set me up with Bri? If that's so, why couldn't Bri just ask me out directly?


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  • Yes she is trying to hook you up. All girls do this when it comes to hooking our friends up. Kat probably wants to find out your opinion on bri before bri tries to make a move or Kat will try to get your opinion if it's good then Kat will probably tell you to make a move.

    • Would girls set up their friends this way for a relationship or a hookup? I wouldn't mind a hook up, but this sort of introduction ruins the discretion.

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  • its hard to say ! Bri might really like you and want to go out but is nervous to ask , so she's getting help from Kat because she's a mutual friend. Or it's possible that you meeting Bri just reminded Kat about you and she wants to catch up , and was actually just pointing out that you had met Bri. I would meet up with Kat and see what she has to say , if you're interested in Bri also she could come in handy !

  • Ask her if she is.


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