Girls, a guy's first impression?

what do you think of a guy who meets you for the first time in a group and speaks a lot..... is it attractive or he just comes across a "speak your ass off" sort of guy......

what's your advice for guys to make a very sexy first impression...(criticism and tips most welcomed)


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  • For me it depends about what he talks. I like funny guys. If he says something funny time to time it keeps me interested in him. If he talks with his friends about people and things that I don't know nothing about, I'm ok with that, but I wouldn't be interested in him.
    My advice:
    *use nice, fresh perfume (not a lot just a bit)
    *I like streetstyle on boys
    *be funny
    *be kind to everyone (help old people, be gentleman and open doors for a girl that you don't know - trust me, that makes a great impression about your personality)
    *smile a lot (sometimes give a friendly smile to people you don't know)
    *don't be too loud. You can talk a lot but don't make thet obvious to others (don't talk too loud othervise everyone around you will know what you did last day or something else what you talked about your friends)
    *If you want to approach a girl, go to her and just play nice (not hard to get) NEVER go to her together with your friends. She will think that you're a player.


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