How can I salvage this with this girl?

I'm a junior in high school. Never had a girlfriend. I'm pretty shy. This was my first time with this sort of thing. I basically f**ked up. Please help me, I'd appreciate it. I first met this girl at my friend's New Years Eve party. She's insanely cute. She's really shy, just like me. Throughout the entire party, she and I exchanged a plethora of glances, smiles, blushing, and eye contact. I never talked to her the whole party because she was constantly surrounded by her friends. After school resumed, I made several attempts to talk to her when she was by her locker, about one every day. I was immediately overcome with nervousness even though all I needed was to say, "Hi." After these failed attempts, I brought it up with her best friend (I told the friend how I felt about this girl). The friend said, "OMG!!!! This is soooo sweet!!! Every girl deserves a guy like this lol seriously!!!" After that, I was extremely pumped and felt a sigh of relief; I was getting somewhere. But, I still never talked to her because I still got too nervous. Tuesday after Valentine's day, she changed the way she looked and sat beside me in my free period, but I basically ignored her even though I didn't mean to. A day went by. I felt really guilty for doing that, so out of foolish impulse, I sent her a message: "It might've looked like I was ignoring you yesterday. I want you to know I did notice you, and well, you looked absolutely gorgeous. I think you're talented, intelligent, extremely cute, have a beautiful voice, and a cute laugh. And I still want the chance to get to know you.” She said: “Thankyou this is very nice, and my friend is right, you're very, very sweet. But, I just don't think I feel the same way. And I think I might like someone else. Sorry.”
I talked to the same friend about it and she said this: "If it should have, it would have. It just wasn't meant to be. At least not in this time frame." I want to apologize to this girl for making her uncomfortable, but I don't know how to. I'm funny, smart, talented, creative, pretty cool and confident, but I'm really shy. I really want that chance to know her because she seems really interesting. But I don't know what to do. I probably have to move on, but I don't want to. The main point I want to glean is this: How can I salvage this situation I'm in with this girl?


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  • Just apologize to her for making her uncomfortable in any way. But you should tell her that you like her enough in a way that you would like to be friends with her and she can either be mature and be friends with you or she can act like every other junior girl and tell you she doesn't want to be friends at all. Either way you get it off your chest and make the situation open to any progress. Hope that helps a little.


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  • You guys should start off as friends. Tell her to at least give you a chance like go on a date. If she likes it there will probably be more in the future. You won't know unless you try.
    I hope that helped a little.


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