Were some good places to meet women during the day say 9 am to 1;30 pm?

ok i am 38 i am a very shy full time single dad of two a 9 and 11 year old so i dont ever any time to go out at night as there mom is not in there lifes. i am on disabilty do to my bad back and fused left hip i do work part time as a bus driver at my kids school. any was my free time is usley from 9 am to 1;30 pm during the week the online thing has never worked do to the fact i dont take good pic and i suck at writing i dont like physical fitness i dont work out and won't work out so that kills the gym pluse the smell of sweat make me want to puke. is there any outher options i can use i an new were i live so i dont have any friends with in 150 mi of me. i still want to get married agine and i want more children of my own at least 2 to 3 more is there a age group i should shoot for


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  • Maybe you should focus on raising your kids rather than another woman. I hated every woman my dad went out with because he always put them first. Don't do that to your own kids.

    • i get this a lot and yes my kids DO COME FIRST but i am human to and have need my kids can't fill

    • Well my dad eventually gave up that need to raise me, so...

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