People are confusing me. what is happening in this world?

See the first question is mine about love vs money
And see others question
1.this is about who have to pay
2.this abouther disgusting thing
I have never dated any girl so please tell me what is the ideal way to date girl/guys.


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  • See, the real problem is that you're looking for future benefits you want in return like is she worth your money or can I get sex from her or not?

    To date a girl, know her first. Who she is, what she wants. Gather her recognition, and APPROACH her, eventually.

    I know in our country, we use to get in relationship first and then we start dating. So on date, there's nothing like you have to buy her gifts or good lunch/dinner. This is upto you. If you can, you can easily win her satisfaction that you are the right guy. Sex? Don't crave for sex. You will automatically earn it. Just focus on winning her heart (with good intentions) rest will happen automatically.

    Good luck :)


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  • There is no book about dating relationships that I am aware of... do what your instincts tell you feel right, that is truly the crux of any relationship along with communication! Good Luck to you.


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