I can't decide if I want to date or not, what's wrong with me?

One day I see engagement pictures on Facebook and I'm like "I wanna get married " and then the next day, I see my friend traveling the world, doing cool stuff like hiking or skydiving and I'm like "I wanna travel the world"

On the one hand I want to settle down so badly but on the other hand I want to leave this town after college and see something of the world. But I'm kinda afraid not dating for a year two now will penalize me later in dating and i'm afraid I'll end up alone

I feel I have to decide for one and stick with it, but I can't decide. How do I pick one?


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  • There is nothing wrong with wanting both. Just live in such a way to allow them both to happen. That means setting priorities straight, which means putting off settling down. You have time.

    • well maybe if you're a guy but I read so many posts here about how men of all ages want to date women in their early 20s. And afterwards you're considered old.
      So well, that'd be now and I don't find dating easy at all now, so I feel I need to put work in it

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    • they wouldn't be on my radar if I didn't feel they were the majority of men

    • There should be a difference between "most guys" and "the guy you want." You are really going to be OK with a husband that doesn't find you attractive simply because you've hit your 30's? Sounds like too much of a compromise to me...

  • You don't. Love will find you when it's ready not when you are and generally turns up when you're not looking for it.
    So concentrate on education and love will happen..

    • I never bought that line of stop looking for it and it will happen. Never happened for me

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