What should I write to online dating profiles that don't have much written on them?

I'm on online dating sites and every so often I'll come across a girl who's attractive and she'll have a profile that says some good things but it's pretty generic. For example:

"I'm very hard working and independent. I love animals. I take care of my friends and family. I enjoy going out to movies, going to clubs and working out at the gym. I'm very open and honest."

That all sounds good, things I'd like in a woman, but how does it help me when it comes to sending her a message? Everyone says to take something from her profile and talk about it. Then they say if there's nothing to use for that (like in this example; what am I supposed to say, "I'm hardworking too!"?) then just ask her a question about what she likes. But then you have the girls who say they want an "interesting conversation" or they won't respond. Well how am I supposed to strike up an interesting conversation if I don't even know what she's into?

I've also tried sending questions to find out more about them but it just feels like I'm interviewing them for a magazine. Should I just send a weird question like "If you were stuck in a remote jungle and could only bring one person with you, who would it be?" Or what? Ladies of online dating, what would you want to read in a message if your profile didn't have many specific details about you?


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  • I recommend a simple hello. They get hundreds of all of the above so it's not as though any given technique is really more effective.


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