Girls would you rather date/marry a wealthy, ambitious banker/lawyer or a kind, generous charity worker?

The banker is:
- ambitious
- wealthy
- very driven
- career orientated
- lives in a great house and stays in the best hotels
- works in office buildings and with other wealthy people in the financial world (e.g. buys and sells shares, wins cases etc.)

while the charity worker is:
- kind
- generous
- earns average money
- family orientated
- travels abroad and works in poor areas
- works with poor people in developed countries and works to improve villages and slums and save lives inside them (e.g. medicine, food, building work)

Women often say that ambition is attractive. What I want to know is does a charitable and meaningful career count if it doesn't bring a lot of material benefits?
  • The ambitious, wealthy banker wins hands down.
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  • I'd rather date the banker but would rather marry the charity worker.
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  • I'd rater date the charity worker but would rather marry the wealthy banker.
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  • The charity worker wins hands down.
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  • I'm a guy.
    Vote E
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Just to clarify. Both the charity worker and the banker travel equal amounts and (generally) travel alone. The banker just travels to better places.


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. you didn't give any examples of the banker or lawyers personality.

    2. does the charity worker know for sure that the money collected by the charity goes where it's claimed to go? how does he know there isn't any corruption going on?

    • I don't care what the person I date does to make money, so long as it doesn't go against anything I find unethical; and he treats me right/we're compatible.

    • 1. Equal pretty much. I was focusing on the job.

      2. Yes. He's doing the work himself with others.

    • I love to travel, but once I start having a family of my own, I'd appreciate a husband/father who's there for his family, not running around the world all the time, leaving us behind. and bringing kids into those situations is not something I would be ok with.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't know what they will vote but the reality is C.

    It's less the money in this case than the lifestyle. Most don't want to raise kids in a crappy place.


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What Girls Said 6

  • I'm ambitious myself. But what matters more to be is a man who is family orientated because I am. Money doesn't buy you happiness. What's the guarantee I'd be happy with a wealthy man. I wouldn't be content. I want to open my own charity someday so to me a man who is charitable, kind and honest is awesome. I'd choose him

  • First one.

    An average income is completely fine and the second guy's job is totally respectable, but I wouldn't be able to cope with him travelling all over the world all the time. I've been in a long distance relationship and it was horrible.

  • The ambitious banker...

    Not because of the money but because I am not family oriented. I will be denying my husband children and so the charity guy deserves better than me.

  • The charity worker since I know nothing about the personality of the banker other than just being career minded.

    • I know I didn't give much detail about their personalities but like I said, what I was trying to learn was does a career that doesn't earn a lot of money but is still meaningful still seem attractive to women?

    • For some women yes but to me, personality is a major trait. I would like travelling too.

  • The poor guy since we have a lot in common. Don't gold dig, dig your own way to success.

  • The ambitious, wealthy banker.


What Guys Said 2

  • The charity worker is definitely immoral.

    The banker may be immoral or moral. You haven't really given enough information.

    • How is the charity worker immoral?

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    • Because I think your ideas are crazy and based on flawed premises and can't be argued with. When you disagree on the most basic things (e. g. reality) then you can't really sort out the complexities of economic development.

      What lies?

      Nothing. Just like there's nothing wrong with not wanting people to starve or die from easily preventable diseases.

      I won't respond to your next post by the way. I'm committing to that. XD

    • Then identify the flawed premises.

      The lie is that the aid workers can help them in the way that they are attempting.

      There's nothing wrong with not wanting people to starve or to die from easily preventable diseases. But, that doesn't mean that there is nothing wrong with wanting to seize wealth from others to pay for aid. I don't want people to be sexually frustrated, but I'm not going to advocate legalizing rape!

      I'm striking at your most deeply held beliefs, the beliefs that almost everyone is raised with (as was I) and goes to the grave with. So, I understand your reluctance to pursue this discussion.

  • hmmmm just a guess,... i believe most girls will vote "D" basically...


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