Is it too much for me to ask?

For a girl who isn't way too big into using her phone or computer? I just feel so ignored and left when she's always texting or on Facebook. Am I wrong feeling like this?
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  • I have felt the same way about guys who use technology obsessively. But we just have to find people with the same interests as us, and get out from behind the computer and go into the real world.

    • That's what I want to do. Just every girl I've been with has been obsessed with technology. She literally spent all day on it from the minute she got home to 3am. I ask her to cut it back she broke up with me because I'm controlling! I didn't ask her to stop just less!

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    • I love showing a girl a good time.

    • You just can't let a few bad experiences stop you from putting yourself out there or being open to finding someone, because if you stop trying, then all you're doing is ensuring that you don't find that girl who is right for you.

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