When is a good amount of time tell him I like him? I don't want to scare him off?

Weve been out on two dates, hangout a few times and went out Drinking a few times with friends also. We had a lot of fun and we have a lot of chemistry and attraction. We have also hooked up a few times now (weve slept together). But I am at school so were three hours apart, and dont see eachother that often. We do talk tho occasionaly. But now I am moving back to the city where he is this summer, and I just told him that. I am starting to get feelings for him and I do like him. I'm scared though he just sees me as a party girl (im younger). But we have hungout and it was enjoyable and we had really good, meaning conversations. He told me he thinks that im a cool girl to hangot with and that we hit it off. I want to show him that I am serious and that there's more to us just hooking up.. Is it too early to tell him I like him and am getting feelings? I just don't want to seem clingy or scare him off. I have a tendency to push people away when I start to get feelings to avoid being hurt, so I'm just trying to figure out how to tell him how I feel and to figure out what he wants. How and what should I ask him or tell him?


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  • friends with benefits status? Tbh I cannot fathom how people have sex, and then wonder does he like me or should I tell her? Sex is relegated to a mere pastime. I think that's a major step in a relationship, so might as well get it out now before you hurt more. Why do it w/ someone you can't fully trust yet?

  • You'll have to tell him anyway, won't you? Sooner is better than later in my opinion. You just get to him in private, nicely tell him everything you feel and see what he answers.


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