Did I totally miss the chance to ask her to prom?

So, I'm a senior, crush is a junior, I literally just got back from hanging out with her (we went Geocaching...if you don't know what it is, Google it).

The topic of prom came up, because we were talking about paintballing and she said she was gonna go paintballing instead of prom, I guess kinda jokingly (apparently she's not very social even though she's extremely cute and actually funny). I didn't ask her to prom then, I just said it'd be cool if she wore a white dress to paintball and THEN went to prom.

So did I mess up? Crap. I was so close to asking too, I just didn't know how to put it...

Well, she seems like she's not planning to go unless someone asks her, and I think she kinda wanted me to ask her (maybe), so even though there's only 3 weeks til prom, maybe we'll hang out sometime soon and I can ask her then. But after hanging out with her today, I get a strong sense that she thinks that she's not gonna go. Like she said she has no friends and it actually kinda seemed like it.

Do you think I'll have another opportunity?


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  • Bruh..
    You should definitely find somehow to ask her.
    Would you talk to someone about having no friends to someone you didn't at least appreciate the company of?


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  • No, you deff still have time to ask and if you like her then ask now. The more time you waist the closer it gets and thee less time she has to get a dress to the prom.

  • Spell PROM with paintballs on a cheap white dress picked up at Wal-Mart

  • you should ask her. and you could make another "date" and ask her.

    • I will try my hardest. She says that she does nothing all day, has no friends, etc. I mean she made cheesecake before we hung out. So I doubt she has no time.

    • lol well good luck :)

What Guys Said 1

  • damn.. i'm afraid she didb't want to get her dres dirty basically... bad move :-/

    • Uh... no, I said "that would be cool if you wore a white dress to paintball and then went to prom" and she said that was a great idea but it'd be hard to play paintball in a dress.

    • It was a joke, like a hypothetical joke, obviously.

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