How would you describe you can tell when something is missing when you're dating someone?

You ever date someone and there seems to be nothing wrong but you feel like maybe something is missing between the two of you. How can you tell something is missing?


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What Guys Said 1

  • The whole thing about dating is anticipation. There is some excitement coming from the fact you think that the best is yet to come. The person you are dating is so interesting, confident and you share so many interests that you can't help but dream about the things you will do together in the future.
    Sometimes you can date someone and think it's nice to be with him but there is no excitement for what you will do next.
    For me, that's what makes me decide if I should continue to date someone or not.


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd call it a lack of park. They could be the perfect guy but if there isn't chemistry behind the date then he's immediately being put in the friend zone so I don't lead him on. If there isn't a true connection I don't see a point in perusing it.

    By spark I mean if we touch accidentally on purpose and I don't think anything of it, the I'm not interested in him in that way. If he brushes against me and I keep thinking about it and over anylizing if he meant to do that or it was a real accident, and i am knda nervous and is he into me or not and have that fidgety anticipation kind of thing, then there's a spark!

    • or if he talks and I zone out because I'm bored, then I'm not interested

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