Should I date my friends ex?

About a month ago this girl that I've always kinda liked (but is completely out of my league) broke up with my friend, (she is completely out of his league too) after dating for a week or two. Its been a while, she always talks to me when she sees me and we've hugged a few times. Once she was drunk and I helped her out so she's been nice to me ever since.
I guess I'm crushing, (I have been since long before they started dating) and might want to ask her out. She was dumped by the guy she left my friend for and I'm not sure if I would be doing the right thing. I'm not sure if my friend would care but I haven't wanted to ask him.
The girl has been into some bad things lately (like under-age drinking) and I don't want to get wrapped up in that either. She sounds like trouble but I dont know what to do.


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  • No. She may be hot, but that sounds like a bad record that she has. Also your friend will likely not be too pleased about you dating his ex so soon.

    • These were my thoughts but I wasn't sure. She might be the first real girl I've liked.

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    • Yeah that's why I don't know what to do.

    • Maybe you should go for it. I got lucky in my relationship since she was a nice girl, so don't act like my opinion is fact.

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  • As a general rule, it's best not to get involved with the same people your friends have been involved with.

  • haven't you heard of the bro code? I would never ever date an ex of a friend.

  • Honestly I think that the best thing to do is talk to your friend and see if he would care, maybe try get him with someone else while your at it to make him happier. Although she might sound like trouble she might just be lonely or having a tough time. we all go through ruff patches. If you do get together see how she is and tell her if she does something that you don't agree with like under-age drinking as ifshe liked you that much she'd stop for you. Hope this helps, good luck :)


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