For expressing my feelings, what way to do it sounds best?

I know there are different ways and words like "I love you" or "Im into you" or "Im attracted to you" etc. But what way is/sounds best for expressing feelings towards a girl?


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  • I wouldn't want someone to tell me they loved me unless they 100% loved me! and I guess I think love lasts forever even if the relationship doesn't! so that's a pretty big commitment saying those words. If we've been dating for 6 months, I wouldn't want to hear that.

    I'm really into you/ like you is good enough for me. And I find I'm really hot/ attracted to you means you really want to get into someone's pants. So I think that for me personally, I'm really into you or I really like you is best.

    • Yeah, I'm not trying to be sexual or anything. My feelings aren't like that. "I'm really into you" or "I like you"

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    • It should be casual and not just an answer to her question out of curiosity? She said she's curious about what my feelings are for her and she really wants to know

    • Ohh ok, I'd say something like "I really like you!! You're fun and gorgeous and probably the best girl I've ever had!!!" And because it's me I'd tease me and be like "I mean, why else would I be dating you? If I didn't like you, we would have been over by now, silly." But that's not for everyone, these things just blurt out of my mouth because I'm kinda sassy when someone wants to get all deep and emotional soi. Can lighten the mood a bit. I'm not a huge fan of super serious touchy-feely stuff!!

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